Dress Dreams and Bunny Ears

Hello, everyone!

Some time ago I received a dress that I have wanted to own for many years; Innocent World's Frigg JSK in ivory. I might say it's my dream dress, but I feel like I've grown over the dream dress phase, when I was frantically searching for and willing to pay almost anything to get the dress I really wanted. Neverthless, the dress is indeed very dreamy and I am so happy to finally have it. Pictures don't do it justice - it's so much more gorgeous in real life. I'm considering this to be my wedding dress, so until then I try not to wear it.

I also popped into Minna Parikka shop. They have mint green shopping bags now! So cute!

I bought the Angora Soft shoes in black. They'll be great for eveyday wear.

I also bought myself a new wallet. I really like the powdery roses compined with the soft green.

 My fiancé gave me Minna Parikka's bunnyear shoes in powder pink as our anniversary gift, so yep, now I have them in every colourway. If you ever need a crazy bunny woman, feel free to call me.

2 kommenttia:

  1. Beautiful dress! It looks so delicate with all the lace!
    Buy all the bunny shoes :D