Créme de la Garderobe: Luxury Shopping Day

Today I went to Créme de la Garderobe's Luxury Shopping Day. I also helped organizing this event, so I was happy to see how great it turned out to be! At least I had so much fun and made some great findings (more about those later though!).

We started the day with a shopping tour in Helsinki. We went to many little, lovely and unique shops to shop vintage, antique, furniture etc. This was only one of the boutiques we visited:

And yes, it actually is a boutique, not a museum!

After the shopping tour we went to café Villipuutarha ("Wild Garden"). They had planned a lovely menu for us!

Strawberry and rasberry champagne and hibiscus tea.

Spinach and feta pie and salad with avocado and nuts.

And white chocolate cheese cake with rasberry & basilica melva.

My outfit for the day was also a fashion show outfit. I wore Baby, the Stars Shine Bright's Music Salon JSK with Minna Parikka shoes and vintage lace gloves.

I had roses and butterflies in my hair. I also tried a new hairstyle with lolita. I like it very much and will definetely wear it again!

Here are all of our lovely models. The fashion show had to be very small, because café Villipuutarha is such a small (and cute) place. Our theme was "Spring Dreams".

10 kommenttia:

  1. everybody look stunning! :D gorgeous girls!
    The food seems yummy <3
    The boutique deco is amazing, and how cool! you had a special menu :D

    1. Thank you! Yes, the whole café was reserved for us only for the whole day, and they served this wonderful menu for us. It was very nice. :3

  2. Oh how I love the Minna Parikka shoes on that outfit! I love her design and it suits the theme of your outfit and show <3 so pretty!
    And the food! *_* It looks so delicious...

  3. Teillä oli varmasti hauskaa, tosi ihania kuvia:)! Sinulla on taas niin sievä asu ja tuo kampaus on aivan ihana! + Tuo asukuva on myös ihana, siinä on niin maaginen valaistus♥!

    1. Kiitoksia! Joo, maaginen aurinko, sitä ei Suomessa usein näe. XD

  4. I definetely love that hairdo on you, and your outfit looks so elegant!<3