Good evening, my lords and ladies!

It is time for my mandatory Autumn hype post. Ruska is really starting to get at its best here in Helsinki. Today was one of those rare, sunny Autumn days: the most perfect weather. The air is cool and fresh, but it's not yet too cold. This fleeing time of Ruska always fills me with inspiration. Autumn is really a time for celebration for me; it's the best part of the year, and after this the only way is down. After ruska fades, it's cold and wet and dark all the way to Spring. But not quite yet! So I'm enjoying Autumn as much as I can, while I still can. ♥

I hope you are enjoying the weather, too, where ever you might be, my dear readers.

P.S. Oh, how it was nice to photograpf ruska with my better camera! Me and my not-so-new-anymore camera's first Autumn together. :D

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