The First Unicorn

Good night (well, it is so late that I can't very well call it an evening anymore), my lords and ladies!

Today was once again time for our traditional Kesänkuoppajaiset ('Burying the Summer') party! This time it was Hanna's turn to be the hostess. She had decided that the theme for the party would be a British style five o'clock tea. I simply loved the idea! To get some British wibe into my outfit, I wore a fancy hat. I also wore my unicorn dress first time this Autumn; I have been saving it for this occasion. A very special party requires a very special dress. ♥

Then some pictures of the party. Hanna had made everything herself, every single treat. It was really amazing. 

Hanna asked me to bring my selfmade game "Rococo Race" (that I originally made for Mimi's bachlorette party), so we played it a couple of times.

In the end, have a couple of silly bonus pictures. First: this picture shows how huge the hem of this dress actually is. That is a three person's couch and my dress easily takes over half of the space. :D

And second: Hanna's posh Russian champagne glasses  matched my dress so nicely. :}

Outfit details:
Hat - second hand (borrowed it from my friend Sari)
Blouse -  Seppälä
Earrings - Accessorize
Dress - handmade by Mimi
The rest - second hand or can't remember

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